Meet the Team

Who Is on the InterHash Council?
Kathy Godfrey Ryde (Chair), Treasurer: Cardiff IH and London Eurohash
- Douglas Barrett WT (Vice Chair), Deputy Asst GM, Goa IH
- Barb Glaser Fryer SMB (Secretary), Austin InterAmericas GM
- Matthew Kleinosky Ra (Communications), MC of 9 Interhashes
- L.P. Jeter MM, Executive Board, Borobudur and Bali IH
- Ron Strachan The Penguin, Participant in 21 Interhashes
- Paul Szijarto XYZ,  GM, Perth IH
- Rod Lovibond Chesty,  Ass't Trail Master, Goa IH
- Darshan Singh Dash Advisor, Malaysian Hash Council
- David Magee Mr. Magoo,  Deputy Asst GM, Goa IH
- Adrian McManus Yo Adrian, Medical Coordinator, Goa IH
Aruna Gunawardena Bushy, PanAfrica GM
Pierre-MarcLefebvre Higgins,  Brussels 2014 and EuroHash GM
- Julie Burgess Yark, Brussels 2014 vice GM
Silvarajoo Munisamy PopEye, Singapore and KL
Alex Matovu, Queenie,  PanAfrica GM
Gail Baillie Bird Table, NZ GM

Past members ... now IC Ambassadors
- Alex Park Froggy Member Site Engineer, Goa IH
- William Wagner MFC Member
- Martin Hanratty  Garfield (past Chair).  Ass't GM Goa IH, founder PanAfrica Hash
- Susantin Sinarno Susutin (Past Financial Advisor Treasurer, Bali and Borobudur IH
- Sashi Varma Lord K  GM, Pan Asia Hash, 2015 Pondicherry
- Bob Leonard DrainOil  Attended all Interhashes through 2018

Past members
- Alan Cheebye Chee, deceased
- Steve Charles Disco Member Ass't GM, Bali and Borobudur IH
- Joseph Doraisamy Joe   Hash House Heritage Foundation
- Phil Chapman Philthy Phil  Attended all Interhashes through 2018
- Roy McManus Lofty  Trail Master, Goa IH


Prospective IC members must:

1. Be physical able, reasonably computer literate and internet connected to carry out their committee responsibilities.

2. Have been involved in at least one Interhash or regional event at the planning or operations level.

3. Possess Interhash or regional event experience commensurate with the Council’s skill requirements, i.e. finance, logistics, engineering, stage management, trail setting, medical risk management, etc.

4. Have participated in five or more Interhashes or regional events and have, as a minimum, 10-years Hashing experience.




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