Interhash Council Structure and Membership Qualifications

The Interhash Council (IC) Vision and Operating Procedures

The IC’s vision is to improve the quality, efficiency and success of Interhash for all participants. To achieve this, the IC reviews and certifies Interhash bidder proposals and provides guidance to the successful Interhash Committee on event planning and implementation. The Council is purely an advisory body, takes no direct control of the event nor has any direct responsibilities for it.

Council Organizing Principals

1. The IC is committed to a diverse membership. Gender diversity, national origin, experience, skills and regional representation will be encouraged in the Council’s membership.
2. To operate effectively, the IC will limit council membership to 20 experienced hashers.
3. Members of the IC will serve for a period of six years with the option of serving an additional six years with the majority concurrence of the IC.
4. The IC can remove a member of the Council if they have not participated in IC deliberations over a two-year period, have not attended three consecutive Interhashes or their conduct is considered damaging or detrimental to the aims of the IC. A motion with an explanation of cause to remove a member may be made by another member at any time between Interhashes. Removal will be voted on at the Council’s Interhash meeting at Interhash and requires a 2/3 vote by those members present.

Members Selection Criteria

Prospective IC members must: 1. Be physical able, reasonably computer literate and internet connected to carry out their committee responsibilities.
2. Have been involvement in at least one Interhash or regional event at the planning or operations level.
3. Possess Interhash or regional event experience commensurate with the Council’s skill requirements, i.e. finance, logistics, engineering, stage management, trail setting, medical risk management, etc.
4. Have participated in five or more Interhashes or regional events and have, as a minimum, 10-years Hashing experience.


What Does the InterHash Council (IC) Group Do?

  • The IC advises, provides guidance, and oversees the procedures of each Interhash to ensure the efficiency and success of the event for all participants.
  • The IC is purely an advisory body of former InterHash managers. It takes no direct control of the event nor has any direct responsibilities for it.
  • Members of the IC do, however, manage certain traditional InterHash events such as the Down-Down competition and oversees Interhash elections to assure they are fair and reflect participants’ expressed wishes regarding the venue for the immediately following Interhash.
  • On request from the Interhash Organizing Committee, the IC can intervene with local authorities to support the Interhash Organizing Committee or when invited can try to rectify any mismanagement issues that might arise.
  • The IC endeavors to inform the Interhash Organizing Committee of past Interhash experiences (good and bad) and to help those committees avoid many of the pitfalls of running a very large and complex event.
  • The IC prepares and updates guidelines to assist future Interhash bidders in the development of their comprehensive plans for presentation to Interhash participants prior to their vote on the next Interhash venue.
  • Prior to a bidder’s presentation, the IC reviews a standardized bidder plan, provides feedback to each potential bidder, and certifies that the bidder has met all of the planning requirements and is authorized to make their presentation to InterHash participants. This assures that all bidders have conducted the appropriate due diligence in developing their bid, and that the information contained therein is true, comprehensive, and provides participants with the information they require to vote on the next Interhash venue.|